On National Women’s Day, we celebrate and honour women, recognising the important role of women in the transformation to a democratic South Africa. Women should be treated with dignity, recognised in their communities, their respective cultures, education and government.- Dawn Jorgersen (The Incidental Tourist) 

This day commemorates the 1956 March of over 20 000 women to the Union Building in Pretoria. This was to petition against the proposed amendments to the Urban Areas Act, the legislation of black South Africans to carry the ‘pass’.

Throughout the demonstration the huge crowd displayed a discipline and dignity that was deeply impressive. (Walker 1991:195 excerpt from sahistory.org.za)

Source www.saha.org.za

The lyrics as seen above, are from a song composed to mark this historic occasion illustrating the spirit of these incredibly brave women.

As a result of the success of the march, it was decided that day, 9 August, would be remembered yearly as a national holiday.

We honour the incredible trailblazers who have forged the way ahead for all generations to enjoy, with the utmost respect and say ‘Thank you’

What will you be doing on your Women’s Day? Whatever you do, enjoy it, remember and know that many great women have done so much for you.

Be sure to celebrate this day with your loved ones. What better place than in one of our Africamps!