When they hear the term “glamping”, most die-hard campers all react in the same way, with comments revolving around it not being a ‘real experience’, or ‘this is not what camping is about’, or even more ‘what is the point of camping then’. In our experience we have found that most people only need one night at AfriCamps to alter their perception of it all.

Road Trip

Road tripping across South Africa has always been one of my favourite kind of adventures. The landscape is so vast, that each province in South Africa will give you a new postcard memory to take home. Our route this time was from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth, via Oudtshoorn on the Route 62.

This is where I met Dani and where Dani met AfriCamps

Meet Dani:

I’m a 22 year-old, half German and half Greek girl from Cologne, Germany. Consider me a journalist in progress. But mostly I’m a traveller. Once back home already saving up money to pack my bags again, that sort of type. My current stop is beautiful South Africa, Cape Town to be specific. Gladly, the thing about travelling is that once you’re open-minded and take in the new situation you suddenly found yourself in, you just can’t help it but meet great people. It happens naturally. So me and three especially amazing specimen of those so called like-minded went on a road trip together. I’m what you would call an old-school-hippie-camper – the more rustic, the better. So y’all probably can imagine my slightly sneering face, when I heard the term “glamping”. But here comes the BUT: I was truly surprised. Of course it wasn’t the typical camping experience, where you’re constantly covered in that thin layer of sweat, either of heat or just too much humidity in the tent. Where you only nourish on canned Ravioli or where you don’t look at yourself in the mirror for two weeks straight and then get a shock after getting back to civilization. No it wasn’t that sort of thing and I love that sort of thing. This here was different. But I got to admit, I loved it. We had an amazing night all together, just us four, being out in nature, but having comfort at the same time. Cosy beds, air-con, a kitchen we could cook in. It was pure bliss. And yes, of course I would have stayed longer! I guess people like me just get irritated by the term “glamping”. You can’t really compare it. I probably wouldn’t call it that way, rather something like, chilling-in-a-cabin-by-the-lake.

To my fellow mates: Give it a try if you get the chance too! There is no way you wouldn’t enjoy it. And my feet were still dirty the whole time.

meet dani

Her initial review of AfriCamps

We just stayed one night in this truly unique place and I enjoyed every minute! There is not a thing I could complain about, but how could I: amazing view from the terrace over the lake and surrounds, hot shower, soft beds – everything was perfect. The only thing that made our stay even better, was the great dinner we had while watching the sun go down, drinking some wine and listening to reggae music.

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Her very glam Avocado-mango-mozzarella salad recipe

Ingredients (for 4 people):

2 mangos
3 avocados
1 pack of mozzarella cheese
2 tomatoes

For the dressing:

juice of one lemon
olive oil
salt & pepper

Slice all the vegetables and mix the ingredients for the dressing in a large bowl. We kind of guessed the amounts, just taste it and put as many spice to it as you like. Just be careful with the mustard though!

salad done 2 salad made breakfast breakfast brfs 2 Salad done Dani salad prep dani salad almost done Dani salad 2

(Review by Dani Spekulatius, photos by Mark Kerspay)