What is Glamping ?

Sep 13, 2015

Glamping = Glamour + Camping

Glamping is the idea that you can experience nature without needing to rough it out in a two-man tent. Think of this as an upgraded camping experience where you pack a bag and move into a fully equipped, already constructed beautiful tent, which is often set on some of the best locations. No need to pack bulky camping gear, to spend precious holiday time pitching a tent or sleeping on the floor.

Glamping is more of an experience. It is enjoying nature, grabbing a glass of wine, sitting on the deck of the tent, going on nature walks through the farm or whipping up some gourmet meals for a picnic in the fully equipped kitchen.

AfriCamps glamping tent

“To glamp or not to glamp?” That should be the only question when looking for that alternate holiday experience.