2016 has been one exciting year at AfriCamps.

We are looking back at our top 10 highlights for the year.

  1. We welcomed guests.

This is a major one for us, hence why it is at number one. The reason we do this is to have guests experience the beauty, the nature and glamping with their loved ones. This year we got to see lots of that, We might be biased but we had the best guests this year from South Africa and from around the world.


  1. We found some beautiful locations

This year we searched around the Western Cape to find great destinations with welcoming landowners and that’s what we found.


  1. We went to Indaba Travel Expo in Durban.

Another year, another travel expo to meet up with the industry greats from around the world and we got to show them a taste of AfriCamps, as we put up part of the tent again.


  1. Then it was time to build tents in Swellendam.

img-20161214-wa0012 img-20161214-wa0013

  1. We launched AfriCamps at Kam’Bati in Swellendam. (August 2016)

2016 07 30 - Kambati opening (13)



AfriCamps at Kam'Bati

  • Then we got to experience number 1 again, more glampers experiencing AfriCamps…

 instagram-1 pic-from-s-short-girls-world

  1. Then we went straight into setting up our next location, this time in Robertson.


img-20161214-wa0016 img-20161214-wa0019 img-20161214-wa0021 img-20161214-wa0022 img-20161214-wa0025

  1. We launched AfriCamps at Pat Busch Mountain Reserve.

2016-11-02-16-22-12 br17 capetownmagazine br8

10 We reached 5939 followers on facebook. (At the time of writing this post)

That’s huge! We remember when it was under 100 and mostly family members. Thank you for your likes, comments and continuous support as we continue this AfriCamps journey.


A massive thank you to all who played a part in making 2016 such an incredible one for us. Here’s to 2017 and all the new glampers we get to welcome, the familiar faces from previous trips, the new locations and the many laughs and smiles.

Have a wonderful New Year.


AfriCamps Team.