As winter starts setting in here in the Western Cape, we see that the wood stoves and electric blankets become the main attraction at AfriCamps Last month we had more celebrations, more family vacations, more exploring kids, more, nature, more reading, more wine and more friends

Just more glamping fun!

Thanks to all who submitted more great memories from their time at each camp We have narrowed it down to the top 10.

Take a look to see who the winner is….

Who says braai master comes with an age limit? Thanks for the great photo Pieter Enright.

This pink sky is a definite highlight for all the AfriCamps at Pat Busch photos. A great photo Dominique Beneli Lamon especially since you manage to add in the braai area as well.

We did say that the tents are super cosy. Look at this little one all snug under the electric and fleece blankets. Thanks for this cute snap Roxanne Spears.

Still one of our favourite comments,

For these three days we were busy doing absolutely nothing. We did plan to do hikes (the hiking trails start straight from the property) but since we were enjoying too much our amazing tent and the peace and quietness around us, we decided to forget all plans and just be.

We had Anni and her family stay with us and this is only one of the many great photos that we saw from their stay. Take a look at her blog post – Gone Glamping (Blog Chapter 142) You will also get to see more great photos from their stay. Photos by Miguel Korhonen.

The best things to ensure a restful afternoon at AfriCamps. A good book, a cup of something, a blanket and a good view. Thanks Anien Marais definitely making us jealous with this one.

Nothing like a break away with your loved ones. Thanks Anien Marais.

This is the middle of winter and thankfully our fireplaces, fleece blankets and woodstoves will keep you warm.

Thanks Caitlin Winter.

A blogger who noticed the details. Thanks Stephanie for your keen eye to AfriCamps details. Read more about her experience here.

Even though it’s winter, you can still explore nature and enjoy the views. Thanks for this incredible shot Anien Marais.

And the winner is … Andrew Winter

We definitely see a great nature photographer in the making here. Thanks, Andrew Winter for this great submission.

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Thank you to everyone who entered! Keep snapping and sending us those photos and next month, you could be the winner of a FREE NIGHT’S STAY OR 500 CASH BACK. 

AfriCamps Team. 


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