AfriCamps Guest Photo/Video Consent Policy

AfriCamps monitors social media to seek out the best guest images and videos taken at our camps across South Africa. We also partner with bloggers, influencers and photographers to generate beautiful content of our camps. We use these images to keep our social media pages, website, apps, and printed media updated. Since the inception of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) in July 2021, we are taking extra measures to ensure we have your consent to use your images or videos, as they are considered personal information.

AfriCamps has contacted you for consent to use your images/videos. By permitting us to use your images, you agree that:

1. AfriCamps Boutique Glamping and their affiliate, Buitengewoon Outdoor Wood-Fired Hot Tubs may use your images/videos credit-free on their website, printed media, social media, and apps.

2. You have consent from any other parties in the photo/video that the photo/video may be used.

3. In the case where a minor is photographed, you confirm that the parent/guardian of the minor has given consent for the photograph/video to be used.

4. In the event that you no longer want your photographs/videos to be used by AfriCamps and Buitengewoon, you may contact us via We will remove your content from our library. *Except in the event of prior arrangement or formal agreement.

5. If you would like us to tag your account/s on social media, please let us know by contacting us via

6. You acknowledge and agree that we can not credit you as the photographer for images used on our website, app, or printed materials.

7. You indemnify Africamps, Buitengewoon Hot Tubs, and its advertising agencies against any and all claims and damages whatsoever, caused by  their use of your images/videos.