Standard Terms & Conditions for Competitions

1. These are the standard terms and conditions for competitions offered by AfriCamps and unless stated otherwise, apply to all competitions offered on this website and through AfriCamps’ social media channels. Competition-specific rules may apply in addition to these standard terms and conditions. In the event of a conflict between these standard terms and conditions and rules applicable to any specific competition, the competition-specific rules will apply. Specific competition rules will be made available at the bottom of this page. Competition offers will set out at least the following:

  • nature of the prize(s) on offer;
  • the camp(s) to which the prize(s) relates;
  • the steps required to participate in the competition;
  • the basis on which the winner(s) is determined;
  • the closing date;
  • how the winner(s) will be announced;
  • where, when, and from whom the prize(s) are to be claimed;
  • the address of the webpage(s) competition-specific rules and standard terms and conditions can be obtained.

2. By entering any competition offered on our website or social media platforms and/or the acceptance of a prize (if you are a prize winner of any specific competition) you agree to accept the terms and conditions on behalf of yourself and any person with whom you may share the prize (e.g. any person benefiting from a free night’s stay at AfriCamps).

3. All competitions offered on our website or our social media platforms are open to South African residents and international guests unless stated otherwise. We may require additional entry criteria for any specific competition (e.g. previous AfriCamps guest) and reserve the right to refuse entry if an entrant fails to meet such criteria.

4. The following persons are not eligible to enter any specific competition offered on our website or social media platforms:

  • directors, employees, agents, suppliers, or shareholders of AfriCamps;
  • directors, employees, agents, suppliers, or shareholders of any organisation in connection with any specific competition; or
  • family members or person with family relations to any of the aforesaid.

5. Any personal information collected by AfriCamps will be used to announce competitions, promotions, the opening of new camps, and for any other similar purpose. Any person is free to opt out at any point. No personal information collected by AfriCamps will be shared with third parties.

6. The closing date for any competition will be as stated. AfriCamps reserves the right to extend the closing date in the event of unforeseen circumstances outside of its control. AfriCamps does not accept responsibility for late entries. Any entry received after the closing date will be considered late, regardless of when such entry was sent.

7. The judge’s decision will be final. AfriCamps will not enter into correspondence.

8. AfriCamps reserves the right to use any material submitted for entry into any specific competition for marketing purposes without crediting the associated parties.

9. AfriCamps is not responsible for any costs or expenses incurred to enter any specific competition and/or your acceptance and use of the prize.

10. AfriCamps reserves the right to refuse to award a prize in any situation where doing so will be unlawful.

11. In any situation where a competition yields multiple winners, AfriCamps reserves the right to extend the competition or subject winners to a tie-break until an outright winner is decided.

12. Prizes may be re-allotted if we are unable to contact the selected winner(s). We will notify prize winners using the contact details provided to us. For competitions on social media where a post constitutes an entry, we will contact the prize winner on that social media platform.

13. Prize winners must confirm acceptance of any prize. If a prize-winner fails to do so within 3 days of the initial notification, they will forfeit the prize. AfriCamps reserves the right to re-allot the prize to the runner-up, or to redraw a new winner under the same conditions.

14. Prizes are non-transferable in whole or in part. Prizes must be accepted as-is and may not be sold to a third party. Unless expressly stated otherwise, prizes may not be deferred, changed, or exchanged for cash or any cash alternative.

15. In any situation where a prize becomes unavailable for reasons out of our control, AfriCamps reserves the right to select an alternative prize of equivalent type and value.

16. Where a prize winner does not hold a valid South African passport or has to travel to South Africa to use the prize, the winner(s) must have a valid passport, required visas, and any other relevant or required documentation.

17. Any competition offered on or AfriCamps’ social media platforms is entered at your discretion and own risk. AfriCamps, our partners, shareholders, employees, and directors will not be liable for any loss, damage, costs, or injury of whatever nature, incurred as a result of your participation in a competition. The winner and those who benefit from the prize, are jointly and severally responsible for all loss and/or damage that arises, for AfriCamps, the camp in question, and/or any third party as a direct or an indirect consequence of their acceptance of a prize.