No struggling with your stuff just come and relax in your fully equipped tent! That’s what glamping is all about. We have made a top 10 list of things, you definitely do not need to bring when you’re staying with us at AfriCamps!

  1. Bed linen & towels

We have you covered. You don’t need to bring your own bed linen or towels. Each tent had 3 nice beds where you (and your children) can relax after a day of fun activities around the camp. We also have fresh towels which you can use after your shower in your own tent!

  1. Flipflops for the bathroom

No walking to a public bathroom because you have your own! It’s not glamping unless you have your own private bathroom. Easy!

Bathroom, everything you need

  1. Electric blankets

No getting cold at AfriCamps. We have lovely electric blankets to keep you warm. During the winter it can be cold in South Africa at night and electric blankets will help you to sleep well.

  1. Firewood, Braai Grills

Each tent has its’ own wood stove inside and braai area outside. Don’t worry about bringing a grill, tongs or oven mitts.

The word braai is Afrikaans for “barbeque” or “roast” and is a social custom in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

  1. Stove

No, no, no! Leave it at home. Each tent has his own fully equipped kitchen with everything you need to have a pleasant stay.

“We have everything AND the kitchen sink”

  1. Food

Next to your braai and kitchen, you can also order the breakfast! Fun fact: every AfriCamp has a different breakfast pack each filled with its own qualities, yum!

  1. Fan

No need to pack a fan. During the hot days and nights, you can use the air-conditioning which is installed in each of our tents to keep you cool!

  1. Flashlight

It’s not necessary to bring your own flashlight. Our tents are equipped with lighting and electricity so you will never be in the dark.

  1. Wine glasses

Ever go on holiday and had a moment of sadness as you poured a nice bottle of wine into a tumbler or beer glass.

Don’t bring wine glasses because we have them! Just sit down, relax and enjoy the view. You can also do a wine route during your stay at AfriCamps Robertson, Pat Busch Mountain Reserve.

10. Stress

Leave your stress at home, you are not going to need it.

Anything else?

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