As you exit AfriCamps Klein Karoo to the right and you continue down on the R328 away from the center of Oudtshoorn, this beautiful scenic drive will lead you to the Cango Caves. Located at the foothills of the Swartberg Mountains tucked away in limestone ridges, these beautiful caves are not to be missed.

There are two types of tours on offer at these caves. The Cango Caves standard tour and the Cango Caves adventure tour (if you are fit and able – do the adventure tour). Though the standard tour provides you with a good introduction into these magnificent caverns.

Cango Caves 1

As you move through each cave, the friendly and informative guide will provide you with the rich history, mythology and random humour to ensure that you get the most out the tour.

This is both for young and old. You will truly get the same reaction from people at all ages when they see these magnificent caves.

Cango Caves 2
Cango Caves 3

Some more info on the Cango Caves tours:

Cango Caves Standard Tour

All standard heritage tours are led by experienced, knowledgeable, accredited cave guides. Learn about the stalactites and stalagmites that form in these caves. This tour will take you through a number of different halls, each enchanting you with its own mystery and wonder.  Fun for the whole family, this tour will capture your imagination and educate you on the beauty of these formations.

Prices Per Person: R85,-
Children 5-17: R50,-
Bookings Essential

Cango Caves Adventure Tour

All adventure tours are led by experienced, knowledgeable, accredited cave guides.  This tour starts off in the same hall as the standard tour but takes you on an adventure that will have you climbing up iron ladders and crawling through the tunnel of love, all the while learning about these mystical formations.

Prices Per Person: R105,-
Children 5-17: R65,-
Bookings Essential

Prices and activities may differ slightly and are subject to availability.