Safari Magic at AfriCamps at White Elephant Safaris, Pongola Game Reserve

by The Binge Travelers

AfriCamps at White Elephant Safaris, Pongola Game Reserve<br />
The Binge Travelers

Have a look at what Jennifer and Jeroen Peeters got up to on their latest adventure at AfriCamps at White Elephant Safaris, Pongola Game Reserve. Get ready to dive into a world of stunning wilderness scenery, thrilling encounters and unforgettable memories. Here’s what they had to say about their latest AfriCamps experience.

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Rolling into Pongola Game Reserve

We set out from Sala Beach House, a boutique hotel along the coastline of KwaZulu-Natal, for a scenic drive lasting about 3 to 4 hours. Our destination? AfriCamps at White Elephant Safaris in Pongola Game Reserve, the oldest private reserve in Africa, dating back to 1894. It’s a haven for wildlife, with zebras, giraffes, wildebeests, antelopes, and more roaming freely! It’s also home to 4 of the big 5: the magnificent buffalo, elephant, rhino, and leopard. What’s even more remarkable? Pongola boasts the rare opportunity to spot both the white and black rhino, complete with their formidable horns! The last 30 minutes of our drive were extra special. As we passed through the gate of the reserve, we were already greeted by some impalas, warthogs, ostriches, and other wildlife.

Glamping in South Africa: luxury in the wild

As we stepped into our chic glamping tent, we were greeted by an oasis of comfort and style. Complete with air conditioning to beat the African heat, a fully equipped kitchen for culinary adventures, and a bathroom for added convenience, every detail was thoughtfully designed to ensure a memorable stay. But the magic didn’t stop there. Stepping out onto our wooden deck, we were treated to sweeping views of the game reserve stretching out before us. And what’s a camping experience without a cozy fire pit to gather around? Who knew camping could be this glam, right? Our boutique glamping tent at AfriCamps was more than just a place to rest our heads – it was a retreat where we could unwind, connect with nature, and create memories to last a lifetime!

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Night falls over the savanna

As the sun dipped below the horizon, it was time to fire up the grill for a classic South African braai’ with a view! With a braai basket ordered from AfriCamps – loaded with treats like garlic bread, potato salad, assorted meats, coleslaw, and marshmallows – we were all set! From the comfort of our wooden deck, overlooking the savanna, we soaked in the breathtaking views of a waterhole right in front of our tent where wildlife gathered to drink. Little did we know, we were in for an unexpected treat during dinner: a lucky encounter with a buffalo family making their way to the waterhole – a moment we’ll cherish forever! (Disclaimer: Unfortunately, we don’t have any pictures to share as we were fully immersed in enjoying our braai! 😉 )

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Day 1: Cruising Lake Jozini on a boat safari

We started our day with a cup of coffee on the deck, watching the sunrise over the savanna. Then, we joined Sipo, our guide, for a boat safari on Lake Jozini – our first safari ever! In no time, we spotted 2 big fives: a white rhino with her calf and a herd of buffalos. We also saw crocodiles, hippos, waterbucks, birds, zebras, giraffes, and more – it was truly amazing! After the safari, we enjoyed a hearty breakfast basket filled with eggs, meats, yogurt, fruits, bread, cornflakes, etc. – just what we needed to fuel up for the day. In the afternoon, we cooled off in our hot tub. Surprisingly, we had company: a male nyala joined us for a drink! It was a funny moment that added to the uniqueness of our experience at AfriCamps.

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Day 2: Unforgettable game drives

Our second day was all about exploring the wilderness on thrilling game drives led by Sipo, our guide with eagle eyes! We kicked off with a sunrise game drive, and luck was truly on our side as we were treated to a rare sighting of a Black Rhino! This magnificent creature came super close to our vehicle, and the sight of it ‘charging’ towards us left us in awe. Even the experienced Sipo was amazed by this unique encounter. After the morning drive, we enjoyed some well-deserved chill time by the main pool, with nyalas and warthogs as our companions. In the afternoon, we set out on a sunset game drive with our trusty guide Sipo once again. This time, our mission was to spot the mighty elephant, and Sipo delivered! We were treated to a magical sight as we watched an elephant family march into the sunset. 

The perfect spot for glamping in South Africa

In short, our experience at AfriCamps at White Elephant Safaris was nothing short of extraordinary. Nestled in the heart of Pongola Game Reserve, this glamping haven offered us a perfect blend of luxury and adventure! The location couldn’t have been more ideal – just 50 minutes south of Swaziland’s Lavumisa border post and two hours north of St Lucia, AfriCamps at White Elephant Safaris is perfectly situated if you’re looking to explore the wonders of Zululand, the Elephant Coast, or Swaziland.

During our stay, we were lucky enough to spot 3 of the big 5! And while we didn’t catch a glimpse of the elusive leopards, the sight of warthogs and nyalas roaming around our tent added to the magic of our stay. But the adventure doesn’t end there. AfriCamps offers a range of other activities to suit every taste, from bush walks to fishing, ensuring that there’s never a dull moment during your stay. With 17 boutique glamping locations across South Africa, we’re already planning our next AfriCamps adventure. There’s no doubt about it, we’ll definitely be going back for more!

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